WikiText is an SMS-based service which allows you to send a text message containing any word or phrase to a specific number and get texted back the first 1600 characters of the relevant definition or summary. Since the service is based on the Wikipedia API, you can search for almost anything rather than just standard dictionary definitions.

Text your Wikipedia search to:

020 3322 1383

How to use (seriously have a read, just once):

If you do all sorts of codey-wodey stuff, feel free to play around with the WikiText API. At the moment it's nothing extremely advanced, but if you have an idea for an app, website or service that could use it to grab the first 160 characters of any Wikipedia article, then by all means go and make something awesome! TERM HERE

The API outputs JSON and supports JSONP. Specify your callback with "?callback=?", giving a function name.

I'll happily spend hours working on a cool project like this, sure. But no, I'm too lazy to make a simple contact form. Feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions or problems you find. I might even send you a Black Forest gâteau to say thanks.

Email me at:

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A project by Dylan Maryk. Thanks James Billingham for help with improving the API.